An otherworldly experience in your backyard.

MAKING CONTACT is a science-fiction adventure tale that chronicles one night in the sleepy New England home of the estranged Vogel siblings: the athletic, popular, straight-A high school senior Amy and the isolated, dorky, black-sheep freshman Roy. Left home alone after their single mother Kate, a doctor, is called away to work at the emergency room for the night, Roy accidentally fires one of his model rockets into Amy’s room, crashing into her latest science fair project — an old transistor radio she’s rebuilt as a video messenger. The collision of rocket and radio sends a message to the stars, summoning an alien invader to the Vogels’ backyard. Forced to defend their home — and possibly the whole planet — from the marauding, otherworldly threat, Amy and Roy reconcile their issues with each other and band together for an intergalactic showdown of suburban proportions.

MAKING CONTACT is the NYU senior thesis film of Greg Loftus — and if you’ve ever wanted to get into the movie business, here’s your chance: Go to the MAKING CONTACT Indiegogo site and see how you can participate:


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