MURDEROUS SPIRIT – Coming From Saugatuck Books


MURDEROUS SPIRIT – Jack Tyrrell was a burn out. A former Green Beret and U.S. Marshal, he’s become a drunken loser who, once upon a time, accepted a bribe and was shot by the people who bribed him. Tyrrell survived the shooting. His wife, Maggie, did not.

Five years after her death, Maggie appears to him as a ghost and offers him a chance to make things right. She introduces Tyrrell to Harry, who may literally be heaven-sent. Tyrrell, with Harry working as his case manager, sets out to help a veteran who’s suffering from PTSD and has assassinated a pair of Wall Street CEOs.

Action, murdered Wall Street titans, the Russian mafia, and a beautiful woman mix with questions regarding free will and what constitutes moral behavior to give this thriller a spiritual edge.

Tyrrell’s story is a mix of Charles Dickens, Philip K. Dick and a Jack Reacher thriller told by a sad, yet funny narrator — it’s a wonderfully entertaining and spiritually engaging.

MURDEROUS SPIRIT is coming from Saugatuck Books in a trade paperback edition (available from and as well as e-book (from Barnes & Noble and Amazon).

Geoff Loftus is the author of the thrillers DOUBLE BLIND,
ENGAGED TO KILL and THE DARK SAINT (all from Saugatuck Books in paperback and e-book).



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